Air Capital Firm

The supporter section at Stryker Soccer Complex is located directly behind the west goal. Supporter section tickets are typically purchased by those who don’t intend on using their seats and want to get loud with the Air Capital Firm.

The Air Capital Firm is a growing independent supporter group formed by loyal and passionate Wichita soccer fans after the announcement of FC Wichita. Often organizing supporter events, pregame tailgates, and road-game travel plans, the dedicated and diverse members unite to collectively Stand and Defend for 90+ minutes.

FC Wichita supporters of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

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FC Wichita

American Outlaws Wichita

American Outlaws WichitaThe American Outlaws started in Lincoln, NE as a local supporters group for the United States Mens National Team and has grown into a nationwide supporters organization.

In October 2013 at the pre-game party in Kansas City the night before the USA defeated Jamaica to clinch the top spot of the Hex to qualify for the Brazil World Cup, Wichita was announced as the 100th American Outlaws chapter.

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Photo Credit: The Wichita Eagle

Photo Credit: The Wichita Eagle