FC Wichita Spring Break Soccer Camp

Stryker Soccer Complex   I   March 11-13, 2019



Speed and Agility •First Touch •Moves/Beating an opponent •Shooting/Finishing

Physical – Speed and Agility training as players become stronger, faster, and more agile.

Technical – Making sure each player is pushed to improve the technique and speed, we work on their Footwork and Ball Mastery. Exercises utilize all parts of the foot including laces, inside, outside, toes, heel and sole.

Mental – Using games and scrimmages we challenge and encourage players to make better decisions based on the given situation. Teaching them to not just see what is currently happening but to control and predict what is about to happen.

Moves – We give our players the tools they need to deceive opponents and get past defenders.

Confidence – A player always performs better when they have confidence. We help our players learn to mentally relax so they can focus on what they are trying to do, instead of worrying about making a mistake.

Fun – Most importantly we wish to inspire our players to be creative and enjoy the game. Campers will take part in knockout style games such as World Cup and small sided tournaments.