Wichita Indoor Sports is the official training facility of FC Wichita.

In January ’15, FC Wichita purchased a training facility with the purpose of providing proper accommodations for their 1st team and academy, and to eventually anchor their headquarters. Originally known as Sluggers, the facility hosted numerous youth soccer leagues and tournaments through the ’90s. After Sluggers sold, the primary facility got away from soccer, while the addition containing the 2nd regulation field and mini-field became 360 Sports Training and Development.

Now known as Wichita Indoor Sports, FC Wichita hosts youth leagues, sports camps and clinics, and private training at the facility, in addition to maintaining fitness during the unpredictable midwest winters. Projected construction includes adding a home office with a team locker room, as well as an on-site treatment and physical therapy center for the players.


“The acquisition of the 360 facility is thrilling for us as a team, but what we’re really excited about is offering a secure place for the community’s youth players to develop,” said Shumaker, FC Wichita CEO. “It gives our players a comfortable, top-notch facility to develop their skills, while offering essential amenities they wouldn’t have access to elsewhere.”

Wichita Indoor Sports is located at 1443 N Ridge Rd in west Wichita.

FC Wichita WICHITA INDOOR SPORTS: wichitaindoorsports.com