Wichita Flag_crop

Our crest is inspired by the Wichita flag, which has been flying over Wichita since 1937.

Wichita native, designer, & soccer fan Dustin Commer was called in to create not only a crest for our club, but a symbol. Dustin has done much for the city, including designing the 2002, 2004, and 2013 Wichita River Festival posters. We gave Dustin freedom to create something unique, and he didn’t disappoint. The identity for this club is simple, it’s about us. Wichita.

  • Colors: Red, White, & Blue -colors of our beloved city and country
  • Rays: the path of freedom to come and go as one pleases
  • Disc: represents happiness and contentment
  • Hogan: Indian symbol for permanent home
  • Wheat: symbolizes the great state of Kansas
  • Star: as the Air Capital of the World, this represents our aircraft business, military base, & all veterans

FC Wichita