FC Wichita’s Academy is overseen and operated by senior club directors. The management team is dedicated to bettering the entire Wichita soccer community.

In 2015, US Soccer announced an adjustment to all youth age divisions. The new format requires players to register no younger then their true birth year. Because this change will shake up current rosters around the country, we believe this was the obvious time to introduce Wichita’s first true youth soccer academy.

03FCWjrsWith the Academy being launched in the fall of 2016, local clubs have come together to fly under one Wichita flag. This historic decision allows top local players to be educated and trained under academy standards with access to all FC Wichita senior club resources.

In return, FC Wichita will also form additional “Pre-Academy” teams to benefit the aspiring academy player.

Local youth players who are accepted into the Academy will experience an elevated training atmosphere. FC Wichita’s commitment to improve the everyday environment for the elite youth player shines through the use of club owned facilities and regular training sessions with senior team players and coaches.

The technical ability and unity Academy players display helps to prepare them for the collegiate and professional game. The club’s resources to advance a player exist in part to help market the aspiring pro.

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