WICHITA — You’re missing players and the team coming up beat you last season, your focus tends to laser in on certain things. FC Wichita is scheduled to play Saint Louis Club Atletico on Sunday, May 19 at 7 p.m. in Saint Louis, Missouri. A place, where FC Wichita found themselves on the wrong side of a 2-1 outcome last season.

“This week is going to be tough with the drive,” FC Wichita Goalkeeper Mark Weir said. “We’ll get a few more players back. They’ll give us new energy and belief.”

FC Wichita is coming of a scoreless draw with rival Tulsa Athletic last Saturday. The pitch was covered in mud and water, which played to Wichita’s advantage as they were missing five key guys from the roster. FC Wichita’s defensive prowess has to bring that to Sunday’s showdown against Saint Louis.

“We’re doing well,” Weir said. “We can’t see many teams coming in and scoring past us, nevermind beating us. Hopefully we can keep the confidence between the five of us at the back, and breeds well for the rest of the season.”

Though, there is already one match in the books, FC Wichita is keeping their head to the grindstone, getting prepared for Saint Louis. Gone is CheVaughn Walsh, the prolific goal scorer for Saint Louis.

“We have to give them the respect they deserve,” Forward Adam James said. “At the same time going out there and giving it to them.”

An hour of intense drills and run throughs for FC Wichita continues to get the boys ready and fine form for Sunday’s match. With the most players in training this season, it was a tough practice, gritty practice inside the Stryker Soccer Complex indoor field.

“You train the same, all out,” Adam James said. “You play how you practice.”

The Boys in Red return for their home opener at Stryker Stadium on May 25, also against Tulsa Athletic. That is a scheduled 7:30 p.m. kickoff. Tickets can be purchased here for only $10. Buy your tickets and join in as FC Wichita looks to get their first home win at Stryker.

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