Franck Tayou caught a misplayed ball and chipped it into the net, giving FC Wichita the 1-0 victory over feisty Ozark FC on Saturday night.

Ozark FC may have controlled the tempo and possession but FC Wichita continued to attack when given their opportunities. It wasn’t until the 68th minute that Tayou found the promise land.

With the victory and a Tulsa Athletic loss, FC Wichita now has a six-point cushion in the Heartland Conference. Tulsa and FC Wichita are set to battle on Sunday, June 10 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Mark Weir made numerous stops and the backline which held solid for most of the season allowed an unusual amount of shots but it was the Scottish keeper was on his A-game on Saturday night. Weir often came out of his box to challenge the oncoming Ozark player. Time and time again, Weir came up with the save or contested challenge.

Weir’s biggest challenge came in the 17th minute when an attacking Ozark player avoided an offsides call but Weir’s challenged forced a goalkick for FC Wichita.

Mark Weir found Andres Ochoa, who sent it sailing into the back third. An Ozark FC defender headed it in the wrong direction. It landed right on the foot of Tayou. Though there was a challenge from the keeper, Tayou struck it hard enough and put it into the back of the net for the only goal of the match.

Eddie Gomez was sent off with a red card in the 73rd minute for a two-footed challenge. FC Wichita as before, used being a man down as fuel, pushing up the offensive tempo and started to find spaces as Ozark FC started to push their men as well. This led to Tayou and others finding shots on goal. James Togbah was challenged inside the box. Tayou would put two shots on goal in the added time but were saved nicely by Ozark.

FC Wichita earned three points and continues to control the Heartland Conference table. FC Wichita and Tulsa are set to throw down on Sunday, June 10. With the win, FC Wichita will be closer to clinching the regular season title.


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Charles Chaney is a social media professional for both the FC Wichita men's and women's clubs.