The 2017 tryouts are complete, both men’s and women’s coaches feel like the talent pool was extremely high and would like to thank all the players who participated.

“We are very happy with the quality of players that attended the tryouts,” said Director of Soccer Larry Inlow. “There were some great players we weren’t able to offer spots because of the wide range of talent. For the men we have already signed two of the players, and invited another handful into training, where I believe they could earn a spot once we see them against the majority of the team which arrives May 1st.”

Women’s head coach Sammy Lane shares Inlow’s enthusiasm about the quality of players who attended. “There was some fantastic players we didn’t know before Saturday, and they left a good impression on us,” said Lane. “I feel like these ladies will be able to get into form quickly and push for roster spots on game days.”


Men’s Signings:

Beethoven, Marcos

Catarena, Leonardo

Men’s Invites:

Braga, Lucas

Junior, Roberto

Koepp, Fred

Nasa, Gabriel

Sabrah, Sami

Women’s Invites: 

Campbell, Maddy

Gonzalez, Jazelle

Nigg, Tracy

Nightingale, Darci

Snyder, Megan

Yi, Jeehye