Congratulations to 5 FC Wichita players for 2016 All-Conference honors! Kevin Ten Eyck, James Togbah, and Leo Sosa have been named to the South Central Conference First Team, with Jeffrey Kyei and Richard Osterloh picking up Honorable Mentions.

We appreciate the contributions and professionalism of these young men on and off the pitch this season. The combined efforts of the entire squad and coaching staff made possible these achievements, and another successful season.


South Central Conference 2016 All-Conference honors:

Conference MVP – F) Dave Leung (Tulsa)

GK) Lance Quini (Shreveport)

D) Kevin Ten Eyck (Wichita)
D) James Togbah (Wichita)
D) Ricardio Morris (Tulsa)
D) Lars Willemse (Dutch Lions)

M) Leo Sosa (Wichita)
M) Orin Farrell (Dutch Lions)
M) Jake Schmoker (Tulsa)
M) David Bayleat (Liverpool)

F) Dave Leung (Tulsa)
F) Damien Thomas (Tulsa)

GK) Matthew Gutierrez (Dutch Lions)

D) Oscar Mascorro (Corinthians)
D) Daniel Tesoro (Joplin)
D) Nick Doyle (Little Rock)
D) Cody Ellis (Liverpool)

M) Chuy Cortes (Corinthians)
M) Ricardo Mejia (Ft. Worth)
M) Cameron Brown (Liverpool)
M) Dan Deblaere (Shreveport)

F) Carlos Acevado (Dutch Lions)
F) Juan Carlos Cacho (Corinthians)

GK) Tristen Putnam (Corinthians)
GK) Carlos Herrera (Little Rock)
GK) Michael Kluver (Tulsa)

D) Joseph Cervantes (Ft. Worth)
D) Derick Pettiway (Liverpool)
D) Sean French (Shreveport)
D) Munir Poca (Shreveport)

M) Jeffrey Kyei (Wichita)
M) Yuri Ribiero (Corinthians)
M) Nestor Martinez (Ft. Worth)
M) Corwin Carbonell (Ft. Worth)
M) Ryan Murphy (Joplin)
M) Gabriel Biola (Little Rock)
M) Trevor Reed (Little Rock)
M) Ferdinand Matebu (Little Rock)
M) Mark Hammond (Shreveport)

F) Richard Osterloh (Wichita)
F) Pablo Covarrubias (Dutch Lions)
F) Matthew Rochowski (Ft. Worth)
F) Ali Sodal (Joplin)
F) Idrissa Camara (Liverpool)

Congratulations to these talented footballers!