WICHITA, Kan. (October 31, 2015)In early October former FC Wichita Soccer Team Head Coach Larry Inlow was made a partner in the organization by the owners of the team. Inlow’s new status comes with a new job title, Director of Soccer Operations.

One year ago the FC Wichita Soccer Team was a dream in the minds of owners Blake Shumaker and Will Steinhoff. After serious planning they applied for and were awarded a franchise in the National Professional Soccer League. Larry Inlow was hired as Head Coach, and built the team while Shumaker handled the administration. The three worked together to make certain the inaugural season would impact the community in the best possible ways.

“I was thrilled and excited when Blake spoke to me about becoming the first Head Coach of the FC Wichita team.” Inlow said. “I knew we shared a common dream and it would be an opportunity to bring a lot of local talent to the forefront of national attention and give our local youth something to strive to be a part of one day.”

Inlow had FC Wichita contending all year and concluded the season by clinching a league title before a sell-out crowd at home.

Inlow, a former professional soccer player for nine seasons for several teams, including the Wichita Wings, enjoyed being the FC Wichita Head Coach. But he, Shumaker and Steinhoff realized that in order to continue the team’s early success it needed a more professional support structure. The owners offered Inlow a new position: Director of Soccer Operations for FC Wichita, and minority partnership in the team.

“Even though I will not be the head coach moving forward, I will still be heavily involved as part of the coaching staff, involved in every aspect of building and maintaining the team’s roster, team operations and our involvement with in the community.” Inlow said. “This is a very exciting time for me and I am delighted to be able to be in a position to work hard for FC Wichita and give back to my hometown.”

Shumaker, Managing Partner of FC Wichita, shares in Inlow’s excitement for the future potential of FC Wichita.

“Last season was a dream come true!” Shumaker said. “It all worked out very well, but we knew it could be and needed to be better and more efficient moving forward. The massive amount of work and time required to make this organization successful demanded an additional administrative position.”

Bringing Inlow into the FC Wichita management team will function as the “bridge” between the players and administration, and is something that will make the team better.

“Having won a Championship and qualifying for the Open Cup in the team’s first year, the owners knew steps would have to be taken to continue to advance the team into a national power.” Inlow said. “I am pleased to be a part of that process and have already gotten started on next season.”

FC Wichita is currently in contract negotiations with their newly selected head coach, who will be announced in the coming week.


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