Inlow FCWFC Wichita is proud to announce former Two-Time-All-American and former Wichita B52s coach, Larry Inlow, as head coach. Under Inlow’s leadership, the team is confident its debut in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) will be a successful new avenue for players from the area to develop and show case their talents.

Club majority owner and managing partner, Blake Shumaker, is confident the Club has found their man. “It’s wonderful to have a local icon as head coach,” Shumaker said. “I think we can all learn a lot from him, Larry’s a fantastic soccer coach and an even better person. We are very excited to see the teams growth and development of the game under his direction.

Inlow commented, “I ‘m thrilled to be named the Head Coach of the FC Wichita Soccer Club of the NPSL. The owners of FC Wichita have made a long-term commitment to me and to the community to provide the resources to build a competitive team, a championship caliber team that all of South Kansas can be proud of.


I, in return, have made the same commitment to the FC Wichita organization to develop local and regional players, maximizing their abilities, making the FC Wichita a team to be reckoned with every year. Just as importantly, FC Wichita will present a totally new avenue for players from the area to develop and showcase their talents, which will get the best of them noticed by the highest levels of soccer in the United States.


As a very young soccer player in Wichita I enjoyed playing competitive club ball, playing in the Olympic Development program, being a two time All-American in college and playing for the Wichita Blue as well as the Wichita Jets outdoor teams. I also had the wonderful opportunity to spend four summers, during college, living in Kansas City training with the first team of the Wizards and playing on the reserves under head coach Ron Newman. FC Wichita will now will be able to give opportunities like I earned to college players without jeopardizing their college eligibility and help them excel in the game we all love. There is no doubt that every game will be a party, a thoroughly enjoyable family experience starting from the pregame activities right to the final whistle.


I look forward to getting started putting all of the pieces in place and setting new traditions with the first season of FC Wichita soccer!”


FC Wichita players will largely be drawn from “All Star” players from local Colleges and Universities or those who have finished school and still desire to develop their talent.

Great care will be taken to insure that no player loses any College or University eligibility they may have, but still allow them to play at a higher level of competition.

FC Wichita is committed to developing relationships with Professional Teams and showcasing the local talent to the leadership of those Pro Teams.

In addition to FC Wichita’s commitment to developing players, FC Wichita is devoted to providing the community and fans a cost effective, fun and positive experience at every game.

FC Wichita looks forward to being a positive contributor to all communities in southeastern Kansas, providing players, coaches and personnel for community events, school functions and charitable endeavors.


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